I was writing a post about a relaxing long weekend in Frankfurt, an uplifting hike with friends, the abundance of color, Germans with baskets of mushrooms…the serenity and beauty of fall. Then the Las Vegas shooting happened. It didn’t feel right to post about the blessings in my life while so many others were hurting. […]

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May Peace Prevail on Earth

I haven’t felt right posting about (what I consider to be) my trips, daily life, thoughts. I’m digesting all that is going on in this world. And while I’ve been questioning the recent events of pure hatred, I realized it was the perfect time to share my experience at Samye Ling, a Tibetan Buddhist monastery […]

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Begin Again

I’m back in my home away from home – this time for more than just yoga training! Yes, yoga will be a big part of my visit, but I extended my time here because…why not? Normally, when I come to London, it doesn’t feel like a vacation: I’m either in class all day, or meeting […]

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