Which would you choose?

I haven’t posted many deep thoughts lately. It isn’t because I haven’t had any; it’s just that travel pictures are so much more fun. I was one of the first ones at the flower shop on Saturday, so I had my pick of the peonies (nothing makes me happier). I sorted through them, looking for […]

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Spain Part 1: A Little Yoga in Menorca

Last week’s trip to Spain started on the island of Menorca. Actually, vacation kicked off at one of the many festivals this time of year in Frankfurt. Mom came in that week, and even though the weather was rainy and cold, we managed to make the most of it. The next day, we boarded our […]

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A Good Day?

I woke up this morning and just felt off. It’s been one of those weeks. Maybe it’s post-vacation blues. Maybe all the energy from the full moon was sucked up by someone else. It’s only Wednesday! It’s also no headphones Wednesday–so I walked to the train station with just my thoughts. I decided the day […]

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