A box of zucchini

Now that I’m back in Germany for the next 4 weekends, I plan on settling down and enjoying the summer. For example, I rode my bike to work today, and luckily the temperature dropped and it started pouring right around 5:30. I’ve also been purchasing some items to spruce up my back patio. I plan […]

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Sprouting into Spring

It has been so cold here this week. I’m talking 30s degrees. Rain and snow mix. Wind. Down coat. What happened to the Spring that we had a glimpse of last week?! I’ve been wearing bright lipstick to keep my spirits up. I’ve also been busy sprouting – to make sure I get the most […]

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how to host an amazing party and adult fig newtons

I love having people over. And I think throwing parties is an art. My essentials for throwing an amazing party (in no particular order): The right kind of playlist. What kind of energy do I want to generate?┬áTypically I err on the side of upbeat indie tracks with a few non-obnoxious pop songs for familiarity. […]

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