Vande gurūṇām

It feels like the eve of the first day of school. And I guess it is. I fly to London tomorrow for the first module in my 5 month yoga teacher training program. I’ve already been busy these last few months with pre-work: anatomy, paper-writing and learning a sequence. I don’t know what to expect; […]

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Best of 2016: Interaction

I like to jot down things that I find inspiring (I always have a pencil and a notebook with me). So I took (most of) my inspirations from the year and found there were 4 main categories they fell into: interacting with others, introspection, body love and career. I want to share them–because these are […]

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Which would you choose?

I haven’t posted many deep thoughts lately. It isn’t because I haven’t had any; it’s just that travel pictures are so much more fun. I was one of the first ones at the flower shop on Saturday, so I had my pick of the peonies (nothing makes me happier). I sorted through them, looking for […]

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