Spring Roundup

Spring has sprung.

There’s a lot going on in Frankfurt! I decided to stay local this month and it’s been a month full of friends, trying new things and exploring the city. Here’s a little “best-of” roundup. Not pictured: weekly bachata lessons after work with Jo.

IMG_6218Easter bunny bread!

IMG_6196The weather has been so warm and the trees are blooming (and now shedding). The smells, colors, new life is really inspiring.


IMG_6200We had our first river picnic and I had to introduce everyone to Firefly (mom, dad, bring more!)

IMG_6198 I’ve had time to bake again! Above is cauliflower crust pizza.

IMG_6205 I finally got to see a musical at the Alte Oper (my favorite building in Frankfurt). Unfortunately, they didn’t mention we couldn’t take our drinks to our seats…bottoms up!

IMG_6197 There was a Syrian demonstration after the chemical attack. They were chanting “Freiheit für Syrien”, which means Freedom for Syria.


I got to explore some beautiful countryside on a daylong bike ride with my former colleague Yasemin. We stopped by lakes, castles, fields of flowers. Looking forward to doing more exploring in summer.




I went to a “restaurant” I’ve been dying to try for a long time. They don’t really have regular opening days, it’s hidden and you have to buzz to get in. But once you arrive, it’s like a secret club with communal tables, great music and amazing food. I’m definitely going back soon!




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