A Progressive Community

The Progressive Party was 6 months in the making.

When a few of us met and learned how close we lived to each other, we thought it would be fun to do a “walking” party from house to house. Then, as we met more people in the neighborhood, the idea grew.

The concept was this: 5 houses, each host provides a drink and a snack, 1 hour at each house, walk together from house to house.

Every host put so much effort into their slot in the party – and each house had its own unique vibe. To top it off, we were blessed with one of the nicest days we’ve had all summer: temps in the lower 80s, sunny skies and a light breeze. The conditions were perfect.

I feel like I’ve been wanting to do this party my whole life and have never actually pulled it off. Until yesterday.

The party started at 4 at Greg and Jenni’s place.


We walked up the stairwell in the beautiful old German house and into a spectacular spread. It felt like a new club/restaurant on opening night. Greg mixed moscow mules, garnished with cucumber and fancy bamboo toothpicks in copper mugs, while the guests selected glitter for Jenni to apply to our faces.

They served brie/fig/balsalmic and chorizo/tapenade on crusty baguette bread.

When I met both Greg and Jenni, I was immediately drawn to their calm demeanors. You can tell right away they are such gentle souls. Their energy is so positive and uplifting. It was the perfect house to start our journey.

Next up was Max’s house – co-hosted with Momcilo and his friend Bojana, from Serbia. Bojana made Serbian (well, I was told they were really Russian style, but how would I know) “pancakes” – crepes. Max and Mom made…well…beer.


We sat outside at a typical German biergarten table, eating crepes with marmalade, nutella, and cream cheese.

Max’s house is on the corner in my neighborhood and I pass it frequently – there are always people sitting outside and I’ve always wanted to hang out there.

Max moved here recently and we work together. Much like Greg and Jenni, Max is such a nice person. He’s always smiling or joking, and he’s always lending a helping hand to someone.

Mom is one of my closest friends in Frankfurt, and without him, none of this group would be friends. He’s the most approachable, open person I know – and his strength is in bringing all kinds of different people together to just have a good time. I’m lucky he’s in my life.

My house was third – which I felt was a good slot: neither at the beginning where expectations needed to be set, nor at the end, where a lot of cleanup would be necessary.


I tried to make it as American as possible. Which meant guac and chips, protein balls, Solo cups, and koozies. We hung out on the lawn and again discussed the point of a koozie “is it to keep your beer warm?”. I was hoping for group yoga, but I settled for putting our hands up in the pic.

Susie lives in an amazing apartment with high celings, crown molding, a gorgeous chandelier from Eastern Europe, and a zen outdoor space in the back.

I’ve gotten to know Susie better over the last few months; she’s been one of my frequent yoga “students,” helping me practice my sequence on her for my class.


Susie’s reserved, in a way that you know she’s a deep person. She’s endearing, calming and a bit mysterious. I cherish our growing friendship and enjoy having a connection with another smart, motivated woman.

She’s also a cocktail connoisseur. She made sloe gin fizz (egg whites – more protein!), served with pears wrapped in prosciutto and arugula.

We ended up at Steve’s place.


Steve’s on the top floor of his building. All I know is the climb up the stairs to his place is the toughest workout in Frankfurt. But it’s worth it.

He has an amazing view of the city and an open floorplan that’s perfect for parties. Steve co-hosted with Niña and Sebastian.

Steve is another genuinely good person. He’s witty and sarcastic, so of course I love hanging with him. He’s also extremely smart.

Niña is another “student” of mine. She’s a little bundle of Filipino muscle and energy. Her laugh is contagious and she’s the life of the party. I love her outgoing, up for anything, love of life.

At Steve’s house, we had…a mishmash. Totino’s pizza rolls and chips and basically whatever we could find.


“There are physiological and psychological benefits to connecting with others: it improves our health and state of being. We let go of stress, we feel supported, and we have a sense of fullness.” – Sharon Salzberg

Since moving to Germany, I’ve become an introverted extrovert. I spend a lot of time alone (by choice), but when I hang out with a group of people, I see my past (my true?) self come out. I get energy from being with others. Community is important for me.

All of the people in this group are unafraid to be themselves. They’re a confident, happy, unassuming group. They’re exactly who I need in my life right now.

2 thoughts on “A Progressive Community

  • What a wonderful blog, capturing a magnificent event! You are so fortunate to have such a great group of friends.
    Last pic – no koozies evident – they must be devoted to the warm beers.

  • Notice the postures and action and expressions in the photos as the party progresses. That was a fun sequence to observe. I need to meet Mom. He has the same name as I do.

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