An Overpriced Couch

img_7760 Quick to discard, slow to pack, and a couch-less living room turned yoga studio.

I sold my couch for €100.

The guy offered me €80.

I had it custom upholstered and paid close to $2000 when I bought it 6 years ago.

At the time, it was an investment.

My first real couch!

The sale was an awful experience.

The salesperson messed up the order and treated me like a little girl. I made multiple calls and wrote a letter. I was offered apologies and a discount. The couch arrived late.

It was never as comfortable as I assumed it should have been after all the hassle and expense.

The night the precious couch arrived, my boyfriend spilled an entire beer on it.

It had a pull-out bed so I could finally offer guests an upgrade from the floor.

Maybe 5 people slept on it.

I never loved it.

I guess €100 was exactly what it was worth.

In preparation for my move, I’ve been doing major purging of my things – assessing them on the energy they bring to me and my surroundings.

It’s been very freeing to release the emotions that I’ve inevitably attached over the years (some dating back to college!).

To get rid of the baggage.

I’ve gone through old photos, cards, nick-nacks. I smiled, and then I said goodbye to them.

It’s made me think about all the things I have–and what’s really necessary.

My friend Robert, who lives very minimally, and is my inspiration for getting rid of my “things”, has offered his method:
1. Do you need it?
2. Does it bring you joy?

I love this simple way to assess the things we hold on to in our lives.

As I get ready for another move, this time it’s with more space to let in all the new experiences, friends, feelings, challenges that are still to come.

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