Getting to know Hamburg

I’m loving getting to know my new city.

There’s so much going on in Hamburg and my event calendar has been packed.

I’m making myself go to at least one new meetup, place, or date a week…putting myself out there to meet people and make friends.

At times it’s uncomfortable, and I would rather stay home, but I know it’s what I need to do right now to find my place here.

But slowly, I’m starting to establish a little routine and carve out my spot in the second largest city in Germany.

I joined a gym and found a yoga studio where I feel at home; the sense of community at these places is important for me.


The vendors at the market down the street now recognize me and say “hallo.”

I’m taking art class one night a week.

The days are very noticeably getting longer here: birds are actually chirping! the sun is actually rising!

Just as quickly as we enter the depth of winter, so do we come out of it.

Some highlights below.


The Vegan and Superfood Market – complete with vegan popcorn cake and a DJ. Great vibes, great atmosphere.

One of the churches in my neighborhood.


A few of the colorful Altbaus in my hood.

Me…working on a timeline…resolved not to eat any more protein bars…until a coworker conveniently drops one off for taste-testing.

The umbrella rack at the local department store.

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