I was writing a post about a relaxing long weekend in Frankfurt, an uplifting hike with friends, the abundance of color, Germans with baskets of mushrooms…the serenity and beauty of fall. Then the Las Vegas shooting happened. It didn’t feel right to post about the blessings in my life while so many others were hurting. […]

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The Home Stretch

This is the home stretch. Books and notes are strewn across my apartment. I’m studying in every spare second I have – study which includes application in life, on and off the mat. As I come upon the last two modules of my teacher training in October, I’m starting to get sad. Which of course […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I had 9 friends over for Thanksgiving this year (2 not pictured). My first year, I had Germans over. Last year, it was Americans. This year, it was a mix. I took the day off. It ended up being a rare sunny day in November, and I spent it full of gratitude and thanksgiving. I […]

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