A lawn party.

It’s been raining and grey nonstop here. So with a forecast for sun and the warmest temps we’ve had in a while (60s), I decided to plan a lawn party for Saturday night. And while the pictures might look like a Pinterest fail, it was really charming and a lot of fun. The friends who […]

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Spring Roundup

Spring has sprung. There’s a lot going on in Frankfurt! I decided to stay local this month and it’s been a month full of friends, trying new things and exploring the city. Here’s a little “best-of” roundup. Not pictured: weekly bachata lessons after work with Jo. Easter bunny bread! The weather has been so warm […]

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My Madrid Top 9

Estanque grande del Retiro in Retiro Park. Vibrant Madrid was the yang to the yin of Menorca. We were greeted with confetti-lined streets full of soccer fans, and humorously hypothesized as to what all the fuss was about (turns out Real Madrid had won the Champions League the day before and the city had been […]

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