The Home Stretch

This is the home stretch. Books and notes are strewn across my apartment. I’m studying in every spare second I have – study which includes application in life, on and off the mat. As I come upon the last two modules of my teacher training in October, I’m starting to get sad. Which of course […]

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May Peace Prevail on Earth

I haven’t felt right posting about (what I consider to be) my trips, daily life, thoughts. I’m digesting all that is going on in this world. And while I’ve been questioning the recent events of pure hatred, I realized it was the perfect time to share my experience at Samye Ling, a Tibetan Buddhist monastery […]

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Begin Again

I’m back in my home away from home – this time for more than just yoga training! Yes, yoga will be a big part of my visit, but I extended my time here because…why not? Normally, when I come to London, it doesn’t feel like a vacation: I’m either in class all day, or meeting […]

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