When we went around the room this morning for introductions, many (including myself) said discipline was one of the reasons why they were taking this course.

I found it interesting, especially because I don’t really love discipline or authority (although I guess the two are separate from each other).

Maybe we all need more discipline?

We started the day chanting a Shanti Mantra (one of the Hindu prayers for peace) that we had to learn prior to the start of the course.

Mantras are new for me and I found it difficult to memorize at first. But one day it clicked, and I found myself reciting it in the mornings, in my head at random times, and it was fulfilling to finally chant it with a group.

We sat for 5 minutes of meditation, which we were told we’re going to build on over the course.

We practiced our sequence that we’d all been sent to memorize prior to the start of class, and then we worked on adjusting one another.

There are 21 of us: a diverse group of men and women, from all over Europe. All ages, all levels, all sizes.

In the beginning, we were told that we were chosen because we each have something unique to contribute to the group.

It’s 90 degrees in London, the longest day of the year…and it felt like the longest day. I’m mentally and physically exhausted.

But if this is what discipline feels like, I’m looking forward to more of it tomorrow.

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