Begin Again

I’m back in my home away from home – this time for more than just yoga training!

Yes, yoga will be a big part of my visit, but I extended my time here because…why not?

Normally, when I come to London, it doesn’t feel like a vacation: I’m either in class all day, or meeting with work colleagues, or visiting my usual stores.

I decided to come a few days early, to enjoy my birthday, check out some museums, and explore all that I haven’t.

Oh, and my parents are here too! I know it will be great to have some travel buddies for part of my trip.

Then, mid-week, I head to Scotland with my yoga classmates as part of module 3. We’re spending 4 days at Samye Ling buddhist monastery, where there will be a lot of silence.

I can’t think of a better way to ring in 36.

So for the next few days, I’m staying in an adorable Airbnb and…we’ll see what happens!

As for teacher training, I came back from module 2 with even more thoughts and takeaways I’ve been infusing in my days. Some of my favorites that I’ve been pondering daily:

  • Question everything.
  • See the teacher in every experience
  • Our day should be about helping others
  • If a negative thought arises, think the opposite
  • What role do I play in facilitating a steadiness for all beings?
  • In an unpleasant situation, think: there’s something that I’m not aware of that caused this situation. Don’t take it at face value.

Our class has also focused on repeating Begin Again while meditating. It’s the idea that each day, each moment, is an opportunity to make a fresh start.

Obviously, these are very simple ways of looking at things. But sometimes simple is better.

I had to travel to Amsterdam this week for a short trip. Here’s how my day went:

I didn’t sleep well. I didn’t get up early to meditate, walk or stretch as I had planned. I was somewhat rushed. The cab arrived a few minutes late. He took the “wrong” way. There was traffic at the airport. All the amateurs were flying and I was behind the most incompetent man in security (full size perfume, gel, and wearing his travel pillow around his neck!). All the bathrooms were full or closed. The coffee lines were too long. When I scanned my boarding pass for my chosen seat 6C, I was assigned a new one: 36C.

Although I wasn’t completely calm, I was aware. I was aware of the rising frustration, annoyance…that rushing feeling that overwhelms. I was aware of my negative energy. I tried to smile – or at least – to not show impatience. I kept repeating that I was in situations that were out of my control. So what if my seat was at the back of the plane? Maybe that meant I’d have a row of seats to myself. I was not unpleasant. And that was huge for me.

I can see baby steps in my attitude and interactions when I am put in situations where I no longer have control.


I continue to reflect on and document the awareness I’m bringing to my life. Some days are better than others. But every day I can begin again.

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