I recently did my last video shoot for KMS.

I was in Amsterdam for a couple of days with people I’ve worked so closely with over the past 3 years (one of them for more than 8 years).

I realized this project consisted of the favorite parts of my job: working with so many different creative people, and having the autonomy to drive a project from an idea to its completion.

While I’m wrapping things up at my current job, I wonder how my new job will compare.

I question if I’m ready to leave what’s so familiar and comfortable for the unknown.

I keep going back to what I learned in my teacher training: don’t delay a beginning because you’re waiting for conditions to be perfect; they never will be.

That despite all my doubts and fears, I am ready.

I’m ready for a challenge–to get out of my comfort zone and to go (once again) into the uncomfortable.

As I close this chapter of my career and begin a new one in 2 weeks, I’m excited and nervous…but I know that every step I’ve made leading up to now has prepared me for it.

4 thoughts on “Ready.

  • So excited for you!!! This year has been a whirlwind for me and I have done a poor job of staying in touch – but hope to be better about it next year 🙂
    As always so impressed with your drive to learn and grow and so happy for you on your next adventure!!! xoxoxo

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