Farewell to Copenhagen Carrot Cake


One of my favorite chefs/goddesses, Sarah Britton, recently posted that she was leaving her city of Copenhagen to move to Toronto. And at the same time, she had finally conquered a task that was years in the making for her – the perfect carrot cake.

She says: “I feel like I have finally achieved one of my biggest culinary goals ever.”

If you’ve followed my travels through Europe, you know I try carrot cake in every city (Den Haag, Netherlands – best so far, followed closely by Greenwich, UK).

My love of carrot cake, coupled with my love for Britton (I’ve made nearly every recipe from her first cookbook My New Roots: Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season), made this so exciting for me.

If you like reading about the process of baking, the trials, failures and wins (much like life), I highly suggest her post.

“Altogether this carrot cake is moist, decadent, and satisfying with so many layers of flavour and texture that just won’t quit. I’ve learned a lot in the past decade, and this cake is an expression of that. It’s something to be proud of, and something to share.”

How else should one describe a farewell cake?

I thought it was only fitting to make this cake as my farewell cake also.

In Germany, people usually have a champagne party at the end of their last day. They supply the alcohol and food, their boss and others read some words about them, everyone claps, some tears are shed. Usually the person gets a present and flowers. Then people dig in.

(is this how it’s done in Amercia? I can’t even remember, but I’m inclined to think people don’t throw their own parties when they leave).

While I didn’t partake in this ritual (it’s kind of like being present at your funeral – will anyone actually show up?), I did make the carrot cake.

It turned out deliciously satisfying, and for me, it was the perfect way to celebrate and ending…and a new beginning.

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