A Very Big Week & Personal Improvements

This morning’s beautiful snow.

Usually February is just the weirdest month of the year. But man, what adventures we have upon us this week!

  • The Olympics – currently have no clue what’s going on
  • A combo Valentine’s Day/Ash Wednesday – a depressing day for Catholic chocolate lovers
  • A trifecta solar eclipse, new moon and Chinese New Year – ready for the dog

My staged Sunday IG pic – protein pancakes, coffee, light snow falling outside and jazz on my speaker. It was a blissful morning all around.


I wanted to share some personal improvements I’ve been working on, and I think this week is the perfect time to reflect and recommit. I’ve  been trying to bring more awareness to certain areas of my life throughout the day. These are areas where I know I should know better, but it’s just so tough.

  • I made a bunch of little cards and put them in a jar. I have been pulling one every morning. They range from random acts of kindness to more intentional living to adding in more stretching or walking.
  • No headphones Wednesday. It allows me to take in all the sounds as I commute and I also found it increases my connection to others. If I’m not listening to music or a podcast, I’m more likely to look others in the eye and smile.
  • At least 2 mindful meals. I make myself sit down without my phone or a computer or a book and focus on the food I am eating. This is especially tough when I’m running out the door in the morning, or trying to fit in a lunch break (your desk is not a table…unless there are protein bars on it…). I find this to be really difficult when eating alone (the majority of the eating I do). I really love connection to others while eating and have been trying to figure out how to fill that void. Still working on it…
  • Intentionally looking for goodness in others. I’ve been getting frustrated again at slow walkers or people who are not on my schedule (note: that is everyone who is not me). I listened to a podcast recently (not on a Wednesday) that tasked the listener with scanning for goodness in every person and in every experience. It really makes a difference when you’re frustrated with someone.
  • Screens off an hour before bed and no checking phone until I’ve at least done some stretches and had the chance to wake up. Again, another tough one if you live alone and want to connect with someone. But it just makes such a huge difference in my quality of sleep and ties back in to being present.
  • Plastic-free Tuesday. This is a new one for me and my first day will be tomorrow! I found this great blog/Insta account that promotes going plastic-free one day a week. Here’s the concept:”On Plastic-Free Tuesday we don’t buy anything that is made of plastic or contains plastic. We also don’t use anything made of plastic that we have to throw away after using it. So no bananas wrapped in plastic, no plastic bags, no take-away coffee in plastic cups, and so on.”

Let me know if you’re working on anything during this time of change and reexamining how to live with more intention!


PS – below is my Valentine’s gift! I saw a great necklace on sale and when I bought it tonight, the girl wrapped it for me! I’m in love.

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